• “We need coordination”

A group of entrepreneurial partners, with financial assets exceeding $25M, wanted to centralize the management of their investments around a common strategy and management

K&B Family Office structured a private investment fund (smart fund) in which each member of the group became a shareholder whose participation is proportional to their contribution. This type of structure has three main advantages:

  • First, the mutualized and centralized resources under this legal entity enjoy a management strategy elaborated
    in common between the shareholders and K&B that acts as a fund manager.
  • Second, shareholders have access to preferential institutional rates with a reduction of more than 50% of the costs (management fee, custody, transaction, administration).
  • Finally, a regulated and independent agent is in charge of the administration, accounting and auditing of the
    private fund to offer peace of mind and transparency to each of the investors.

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