• “This is the time to choose the best future for your family”

Why you should work with a family office?

A key stage

Generally, families decide to work with a family office for two main reasons:

  • Because they experience a major change in their personal or professional life, which implies a higher level of coordination, or
  • Because the family decides to change the way they work with their advisors. They want to move away from the typical chatter on the stock markets and surpass the resolution of specific problems to define clear and measurable goals.

Often, this key stage in the development of families is accompanied by the will to legate more than money to the next generation, properly speaking: education and family values. A family office plays a key role in this process. As it allows teaching the future generation a financial culture and the meaning of what the family has achieved.

The approach to a family office is a clear indication that a family wants to achieve something they have never done before: something ambitious.

For this, the best internal and external professionals need to be sitting at the table to make the most convenient and assured decisions. The only way to have that level of coordinated advice where the professionals are totally dedicated to working in the best interest of the client is with a family office, especially a family office like K&B.

Do I need a family office?

To help you make this decision, we invite you to fill out a questionnaire that will allow you to evaluate - in a tangible way - your goals and the needs of your family.