• “Our clients seek greater control over their investments and want to reduce the complexity of managing their assets ”

What services do we offer?

Working with K&B Family Office is moving from the fragmentation of wealth management services to the integration and coordination of these services. This change in focus allows us to gain efficiency, reduce costs and time, and achieve the desired goals.

Investment management
  • Performs diagnosis of your overall financial situation.
  • Defines investment objectives, risk profile and investment horizon.
  • Global asset allocation and investment strategy with ongoing tactical decisions and constant monitoring.
  • Discretionary and advisory mandates.
  • Private fund management (smart fund).
  • Access to co-investment opportunities and private equity deals.
Banking advisory
  • Provides access to quality international banking institutions with preferential fee conditions.
  • Helps you to select the right banking jurisdiction and institution.
  • Opens, maintains and manages bank accounts on behalf of the family.
  • Verifies banks applied fees.
Fiduciary services
  • Performs diagnosis of your overall structural situation.
  • Estate planning to implement the best structure to organize and protect your wealth.
  • Serves as trustee and foundation council of trusts and foundations.
  • Structuring and management of administration, investment and guarantee trust.
  • Provides custody of legal documents, trust accounting and tax reporting services.
  • Provides orderly transition of wealth from one generation to the next by assisting with estate settlement.
Legal, tax, accounting & administration services
  • Incorporation and maintenance of legal entities.
  • Residency and migration assistance.
  • Accounting and tax reporting services.
  • Local and International tax advice.
  • Testament, last will, marital agreements, prenuptial agreements and more.
Real estate services
  • Professional assistance in your real estate transactions.
  • Structuring, administration, and support for real estate project.
  • Property management in Panama.
Monitoring and reporting
  • Taylor-made consolidated reports: bank account, real estate and other assets included.
  • Monitoring of family’s wealth allocation and diversification.
  • Provides Life Insurance advisory.
  • Provides HCM (Hospital Chirurgical Medical) Insurance advisory.
  • Provides Travel Insurance advisory.
  • Provides Family Protection Insurance advisory.

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